Trains in Amsterdam

How to use trains in Amsterdam? You will probably start your visit to Amsterdam with a train ride to Amsterdam from Schiphol airport. Inside the city you can use both trains and other means of public transport – tram, metro, bus. If you decide to explore other cities in the Netherlands, or visit Belgium, Germany and France, just hop on the train in Amsterdam – and travel with comfort to your destination. And here we explain all the details how you can use trains in Amsterdam and the Netherlands.

Train stations in Amsterdam

There are 10 train stations in Amsterdam:

  • Amsterdam Centraal
  • Amsterdam Sloterdijk
  • Amsterdam Lelylaan
  • Amsterdam Zuid
  • Amsterdam RAI
  • Amsterdam Muiderpoort
  • Amsterdam Bijlmer ArenA
  • Amsterdam Science Park
  • Amsterdam Holendrecht
  • Duivendrecht
How to buy a train ticket in Amsterdam?

The easiest (and also the cheapest) way to buy a train ticket is via the train company official website Here you can also calculate the travel price and check possible routes.

It is possible to buy a train ticket from the yellow vending machines at the station. In this case you’ll pay € 1 surcharge for every ticket. Please note: most machines don’t accept cash.

Buy Dutch train tickets

You can also travel by train using an OV-chipcard and OV-pay. On some routes around Ansterdam you can use Amsterdam Travel Ticket or Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket.

Where to check the train schedule?

These are two official websites of the Dutch train company Nederlandse Spoorwegen. You can always find the latest travel information here:

Types of trains in the Netherlands

There are two major types of trains in Amsterdam and the Netherlands – Intercity and Sprinter. Dutch Intercity trains run between the larger cities, and Sprinters connect smaller stations. Sprinter trains stop on every station on the route, that is why the trvel time by Sprinter is usually longer than by Intercity. The price for travelling by Intercity and Sprinter is the same.

There is also a high-speed Intercity Direct train, operating between Amsterdam and Rotterdam. If you travel by Intercity Direct, you need to purchase an Intercity direct supplement (€ 2,90 one-way in 2024).

First class and second class trains in Amsterdam

In most trains in the Netherlands you can choose between travelling 1st and 2nd class. They differ in price (first class is ~60% more expensive) and comfort of seating. The first class compartments have larger seats (see the photo below) and more space between them, especially in the Intercity trains. It’s usually less crowded in the first class compartments than in the second class.

1 class train in Amsterdam

The first and second class seating is indicated by the class number on the board of the train.

Amsterdam trains second class

Check-in and check-out

When you use trains in the Netherlands, you have to check-in at the station gates at the beginning of your journey and check-out when you reach your destination point. Simply scan your ticket or OV-card or bank pass at the special card readers. You can find them at station halls (not inside the trains).

Amsterdam train, check-in and check-out

Group discounted tickets in the Dutch trains

If you are travelling with a group of 2 to 7 people during off-peak hours (weekdays before 06:30, between 09:00 and 16:00, and after 18:30. All day in the weekends and on public holidays), you can buy group train tickets:

  • 2 persons €34 (€ 17,00 per person)
  • 3 persons € 34 (€ 11,33 per person)
  • 4 persons € 38 (€ 9,50 per person)
  • 5 persons € 42 (€ 8,40 per person)
  • 6 persons € 46 (€ 7,67 per person)
  • 7 persons € 50 (€ 7,15 per person)

Check the details at and order ticket online >>

Discounted Dutch train tickets for children

Children up to the age 3 travel in the trains for free if not occupying a seat. For children age 4 – 11 you can buy a special kids train ticket – Railrunner. It costs € 2,50 and is valid all day in all trains in Amsterdam, as well as domestic trains throughout the Netherlands.

International train travel from Amsterdam

For information on travelling by train from Amsterdam to international destinations please visit

Amsterdam trains, departures, prices, schedule

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