How to use public transport in Amsterdam?

How to use tram, metro, bus and night bus in Amsterdam? It’s pretty easy, but there are definitely a few important things you need to know about using public transport in Amsterdam.

GVB – public transport company in Amsterdam

GVB, public transport in AmsterdamLet’s start from the beginning. Amsterdam’s public transport (trams, buses, metro, and ferry boats) is operated by GVB (Gemeentelijk Vervoers Bedrijf). You can recognize it when you see this blue logo.

There are a few other bus companies (Connexxion, EBS, R-NET, Arriva) operating in Amsterdam area. Mostly they run in the suburbs or connect Amsterdam with outside villages and towns. But sometimes route partly runs through Amsterdam. Important: GVB tickets are not valid in transport, so before boarding the buses, check what company they belongs to.

GVB tram metro bus ferry, public transport Amsterdam

Key things to remember about using public transport in Amsterdam
  • You need to have a valid ticket, and always check-in and check-out. You can do it by presenting your ticket or QR-code to the validation machine in the tram, bus, or at the metro station.
  • In buses and trams you enter through the front door, or also through the middle door in long vehicles.
  • Metro stops automatically on every station, but on a bus or tram, you have to press the blue or red STOP button on the poles or next to the seats.
  • GVB’s public transport network is cashless. You can only purchase a ticket or check in with your debit card, credit card or I amsterdam City Card.
  • You cannot buy tickets on buses and trams from the driver. In the tram, you can only buy a ticket from the conductor. There is no conductor in tram lines 4, 19, and 24, also not in buses. You need to buy your tickets in advance or paying onboard with your bank card.

Amsterdam public transport app

Amsterdam travel planner appThe Glimble public transport app will help you find out which tram, bus, metro line or shared transport is the best for you. The app works not only in Amsterdam but throughout the Netherlands.

Tram, metro, bus ticket prices in Amsterdam in 2024

When you travel by public transport in Amsterda, you pay a boarding fee of € 1,08 + travel fare for every kilometer (€ 0,196 p/km). You can also buy a travel ticket/pass which is valid for unlimited amount of rides.

Tickets and passes valid in the public transport in Amsterdam:

Amsterdam public transport in 2024

Where to buy public transport tickets in Amsterdam?

You can buy local transport tickets in Amsterdam at vending machines or sales points of the local transport company GVB. You can also buy many tickets online.

How much is a fine for travelling without ticket in Amsterdam?

The fine for travelling without a ticket on public transport in Amsterdam is € 50 + the cost of a ticket.

Are there senior discounts for public transport tickets in Amsterdam?

No, not for the tourists. Senior 65+ public transport discounts are only available for the residents.

Amsterdam trams public transport

Amsterdam public transport network

Metro: The metro network in Amsterdam consists of five lines: 50, 51, 52, 53 and 54. The Eastern lines run to Gaasperplas and Gein, the Ring Line and the North/South Line.

Buses: The bus network is spread throughout Amsterdam and connects the city with the Amsterdam region. The buses in Amsterdam also run at night.

Trams: The tram network covers the entire city, with the exception of Amsterdam North and South East.

Here you can find the official maps of Amsterdam public transport.

Amsterdam night buses map and schedule

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