Amsterdam itinerary for 2 days

What to do in Amsterdam for two days? How to spend them to make the most of your visit? Here we have collected top things to do and Amsterdam’s must see places and hidden gems for your 2 days trip.

Amsterdam Itinerary. Day 1

1. Van Gogh Museum

Visit to the Van Gogh Museum (Museumplein 6) is definitely a must-do, especially if it’s your first trip to Amsterdam. The best time to visit the Van Gogh Museum is right at the opening, as it gets very busy in the afternoon. Please be aware: the Van Gogh museum is extremely popular, so you need to book tickets at least a few weeks in advance.

2. Spiegelkwartier

The Spiegelkwartier is Amsterdam’s antiques quarter located behind Museum square, on Spiegelgracht and Nieuwe Spiegelstraat. It’s a home to more than 70 antique dealers and galleries offering a wide range of art, interior objects, jewellery and vintage clothing. And it’s a great neighbourhood for taking typical Amsterdam photos with canals and the 17th century houses too!

Spiegelkwartier Amsterdam

3. Flower Market

Take a walk through the Flower Market (Bloemenmarkt) on the Singel canal. It’s often called a floating market because the flower stalls stand on the houseboats. It’s one of Amsterdam’s iconic landmarks operating since 1862, but today it’s also quite a touristic place. Here you will find affordable typical Dutch souvenirs and tulip bulbs. But be aware: most of the bulbs sold at the Bloemenmarkt don’t flower!

Flower market, Bloemenmarkt Amsterdam

4. Lunch break in Dutch style

The most typical Dutch lunch food is a sandwich that people take from home or buy at take-away shops. You can experience the same by buying a sandwich at HEMA shop (Kalverstraat 212). If you are up for more spiced and flavoured dishes, The Lebanese Sajeria (Wijde Heisteeg 1) with take-away manoushe is a good option.

Lunch in Amsterdam, itinerary for 2 days

And if you feel like sitting and having a short break, drop by a Dutch self-service restaurant La Place (Kalverstraat 201-203) where you will find sandwiches, soups, main dishes, a variety of drinks and desserts at an affordable price.

La Place Amsterdam

Had a nice lunch break? Time to follow our Amsterdam itinerary!

5. Begijnhof

Curious to look behind the facades of Amsterdam houses? Visit the Begijnhof, a quiet garden dating from the early 14th century surrounded by old houses. The best way to enter the Begijnhof is via Spui square. If you stand next to the American Book Centre, you will notice a row of white houses with a brown house in between. Here is where you find the door to the Begijnhof.

Entry to the Begijnhof is free. You can go inside and enjoy its peaceful atmosphere, find the oldest house in Amsterdam (Houten Huys, Begijnhof 34), and visit the Begijnhof chapel hidden behind the facades of residential buildings. It’s definitely a great place to visit in Amsterdam.

6. The Amsterdam Public Library

OBA library (Oosterdokskade 143) is very popular among the locals and the tourists. The entrance to the library is free, and you can explore collections of books, take a comfortable seat and enjoy the silence. On the top floor there is a cafe and a panoramic terrace with a view over the city.

OBA library Amsterdam

If the weather is warm and sunny, it’s also nice to go up the roof of the NEMO Science Museum building (across the bridge from the library) and enjoy the views over Amsterdam’s historic harbour front.

NEMO panoramic roof Amsterdam

7. Canal cruise

Nothing compares to the view on Amsterdam from the canals!

Amsterdam itinerary - don't forget to include a canal cruise

Taking an evening cruise is also a good way to continue exploring the city while having some break from walking. In the evening several boat companies also serve drinks, snacks, pizza, burgers, famous Loetje steaks and even a 4-course dinner onboard. Make sure you book a spot in advance!

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